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West Pembroke Primary Parent Teacher Association
Our aim is to promote the development of healthy, well adjusted children.Assist in every capacity, as best as possible, to provide the children, Parents and school with necessities required to function.Communicate with the Parents, Teachers, and community to ensure the safety and well being of the children of West Pembroke Primary School.

Somersfield Academy - Montessori Education Trust
Somersfield Academy will provide a unique educational experience for all its students based firmly on the ideals of 'The Somersfield Promise,the explicit beliefs of the 'Core Values Statement' and our 'Commitment to Diversity.

Pathways Bermuda
Providing discreet compassionate care to those impacted by addiction so that they may have permanent paths to recovery and healing

Meals on Wheels Bermuda
To promote health and independence by providing quality, nutritious and affordable meals to our neighbours in need.

Habitat for Humanity Bermuda
Increasingly Bermudian families, often those including either young children or the elderly, are struggling to maintain their homes and consequently are living in unsafe, substandard, or unhealthy environments. The mission of Habitat Bermuda is to assist those living in derelict conditions to make home improvements that will ensure that every Bermudian may live in a safe, secure, and healthy home. Additional, because of the increased numbers of mothers and children who are homeless (and this problem has been exacerbated by Covid 19), Habitat has extended its mandate to the creation of additional housing for the homeless. Our new project The Transformational Living Centre (TLC) for Families on Parsons Road is an example of this.

Eliza DoLittle Society (The)
Our mission is to provide healthy and nutritious solutions to the food insecure in Bermuda with the aim of enhancing their quality of life.

Chain Reaction Bermuda (Rachael's Challenge)
Chain Reaction is a movement that inspires, equips and empowers students and teachers to prevent bullying, violence and gang affiliations while creating a permanent positive culture change in their schools and communities by staring a chain reaction of kindness and compassion.Our Mission is to see our schools free of harassment, bullying and violence so that teachers can be free to teach and students can focus on learning.

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute
"To nurture an appreciation for the ocean around Bermuda by offering Education and Experiences relating to our ocean, and through Exploration."

Bermuda National Standards Committee
To improve the quality of Bermuda's human services through accreditation of prevention and treatment service organizations and to improve the quality [of service] of all nonprofits and charities through a process through a process of certification. The BNSC aims to create a community of excellence in service delivery by adopting and promoting international standards of best practice and awarding an accreditation or certification designation to local agencies.

Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies (The)
To provide Bermudian students with opportunities to gain the education and training necessary to pursue careers in Bermuda's insurance sector .

Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning
The Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning's mission is to empower students, beginning at age 6, who have learning differences and learn best in a non-traditional environment that facilitates their individual styles. Through research-based teaching strategies, our professionals, with diverse education backgrounds, develop a personalized learning programme that challenges and cultivates each student. BCCL's broader purpose is to "Change the conversation about learning differences in Bermuda."

Action on Alzheimer's and Dementia

Westmeath Trustees
"The staff of the Westmeath Residential & Nursing Care Home is committed to providing care to all the Residents with consideration, patience and love, which will foster dignity, choice and physical independence where possible"

St. George's Foundation (The)

Pembroke Hamilton Club Foundation (PHC Foundation)