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Bermuda Civic Ballet

Inter Agency Committee for Children, Families and the Community (IAC) (The)
IAC's mission is to unify and strengthen the capacity of social sector agencies to respond to the changing needs of children, families and the community. IAC's vision is for a just and equitable society where children, families and the community thrive.

Bermuda Cricket Board

Anglican Church of Bermuda (The)

Adult Education School
The Adult Education School (AES) serves as a bridge to success by supporting young and adult learners achieve their educational and career goals. How do we achieve our mission? AES provides alternative education to those who have dropped out of mainstream education and who require a different pathway to achieve academic success. We support Ministry of Education referrals, private school students, parental and self referrals, and business and organization referrals such as Corporation of Hamilton, Department of Workforce Development, and Bermuda College.Our vision is to promote self actualization by providing a range of educational and career opportunities that enable our adult learners to participate fully in economic, social and civic spheres of the community.

Bermuda Overseas Missions
The Charity's mission is to provide the people of Bermuda, particularly youth, an opportunity to make a positive impact both locally and globally, through implementing sustainable solutions to global needs such as housing, clean water and access to education.

Family Centre (The)
Family Centre's mission is to strengthen families to create a healthier Bermuda for our children. Visit www.tfc.bm to learn more about our programmes and services for children and families.

Raleigh International Bermuda
Using overseas expeditions, local training and continued coaching, we challenge young Bermudians to harness their full potential and develop skills for life.

Early Childhood Development Fund
This fund supports the advancement of the field of early childhood development in Bermuda by conducting research into the field, which includes an examination of community needs, best practices and strategic options for supporting work that improves outcomes in the field. The fund may also support projects that improve outcomes for children primarily ages 0-3 and in the field of early childhood development more generally.

Portuguese Cultural Association of Bermuda
The primary objectives of the Association: (a) to preserve, promote and spread the Portuguese culture and language in Bermuda and beyond; (b) to act as a bond of union among members of the Portuguese community in Bermuda, and between Bermuda and other communities in Portugal and throughout the Portuguese diaspora; (c) to advance the education of the pupils at the Portuguese School of Bermuda by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities and support for education at the School; (d) to advance generally the education of persons within Bermuda who are interested in the Portuguese culture and language; and (e) to organize and promote educational, cultural, historical or other projects, activities or programmes which may be of interest to the Portuguese community in Bermuda or which may otherwise preserve, promote and spread the Portuguese culture and language.

Bermuda High School for Girls Charitable Trust
The Bermuda High School for Girls Mission The Bermuda High School for Girls educates young women to the highest international standards and fosters confident, resilient and responsible global citizens. IB at BHS Mission The IB programme at BHS educates students to the highest international standards, provides excellent preparation for tertiary education and fosters confident, resilient and responsible global citizens.

Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda (CURB)
CURB is a non-governmental organization of volunteers working to identify and dismantle racism in all its forms and to address its effects on our community.

Mount Saint Agnes Foundation
The Mission of Mount Saint Agnes Academy (MSA) is to provide quality education in a caring, Christian environment. Belief in Christ and fidelity to Roman Catholic beliefs form the foundation upon which all academic learning and social interaction take place. To this end we make a strong commitment to recognize each child as an individual and to help him/her to develop according to his/her own potential in order to become a responsible member of the community.

Bermuda College Foundation
To cultivate and secure philanthropic partnerships.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda
To provide quality mentoring relationships to young people in need, helping them to reach their full potential.